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Two years ago we made a list of the best burgers in Ljubljana because we were relatively well acquainted with the burger scene. Ljubljana has somewhat specialized fast food style burger shops where you order at the cash register and then pick up your burgers and drinks on a tray. However, among the fairly well-developed scene, we were most delighted by Pop’s Place, owned by the Raspopović family, a veteran of the Slovenian hospitality industry.

Among the entire selection, we liked the Dirty Mac the most, a locally improved version of the most famous burger in the world, the Big Mac. In the few times we’ve passed through Ljubljana since then, we haven’t seen Dirty Mac on Pop’s menu anymore, which saddened us and left us confused. Why pass up one of the best burgers on offer? The other burgers are of course just as fantastic, but the Dirty Mac showed what can happen to a plastic Big Mac when it is put through some serious knowledge of meat, patties and sauces.
Yesterday, while we were walking through the center of Ljubljana, we saw that Pop’s again has Dirty Mac in its offer, and we couldn’t resist ordering one of the two best burgers we’ve eaten in the last year. Unlike other burger places in Ljubljana worth mentioning, Pop’s is a real full-blooded bar with pleasant decor and a nice terrace, a superb selection of craft beer and energetic decor. We’re just not sure about the trend of Pop’s washing up with peanut shells on the floor. Namely, the restaurant’s policy is to have peanuts on the chair with the beer, which is great, but after you take the peanuts out of the shell, throw the rest on the floor. According to some, peanut shells clean the floor from dust and dirt, but we are not sure. It just looks dirty like this.
Best burger in ljubljana

It doesn’t matter, the peanut pod didn’t ruin our overall impression. Why do we consider Dirty Mac the best burger in all of Ljubljana? Pop’s loves all its ingredients by itself: the pastries are baked every day at the restaurant, the meat is obtained exclusively from Slovenian cattle that are then dry-aged at the restaurant, and the meat in the burger is made from five different cuts of beef. And of course, Pop’s doesn’t freeze its meat, which you can really feel in their burgers. The Dirty Mac therefore has two smash patties, a rather pleasant cheddar, fantastic pickles and a homemade sauce that is also loved at the restaurant.

The pastries they make themselves are very good, much better than any store-bought ones, the meat is juicy and properly prepared, maybe it just needed a little more salt, or is this one of the really minor complaints. The attachments are at an equally good level. The sweet potato fries are delicious and properly addictive, as are the sauces that come in small containers. The beer selection is rich and includes every major Slovenian craft brewer. The only major complaint would be that Dirty Mac costs 13.90 euros without a side dish.

It is not small, it has approximately 200g of meat, or it is certainly one of the more expensive burgers in this area. Here, of course, we do not take into account exhibitions such as gold and lobster in burgers, which some restaurateurs on the Adriatic engage in. With side dishes and beer, the bill can easily reach fifty euros for two people. Nevertheless, it is one of the best burgers in a very wide radius.

SOURCE: https://plavakamenica.hr/

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