5 best burgers in ljubljana

Source: https://plavakamenica.hr/ 
Text & Photo: Luka Peranić

Burgers, probably the most popular dish in the world after pizza, are constantly evolving. From basic street food through complicated gourmet versions to a new medium for affirming local and seasonal concepts and innovations. At first glance, burgers are extremely popular in Ljubljana. And they really are, but we haven’t seen any serious and ambitious restaurant other than TaBar try to deal with the burger format. Therefore, we had to focus our search for the most delicious burgers mainly on specialized bars, some of which proved to be excellent. This is our list of the most delicious burgers in Ljubljana.

1. Dirty Mac – Pop’s Burger Place
Dirty mac Pop's Place

All the burgers at Pop’s are fantastic, and the best impression is left by their version of probably the most famous burger in the world. Dirty Mac is juicy, full of flavor and brought to a serious gastronomic level. The meat in all the burgers is medium roasted as it should be. Pop’s Burger Place is located in the center of Ljubljana and its large terrace is always full. The choice of craft beer is excellent, the best of all on this list, and includes every important Slovenian craft brewery. Side dishes like fried onions and sweet potatoes are also good. Prices are not low, for burgers they range from 10 to 12 euros, so with side dishes and drinks you can get up to 20 euros per person.

2. TaBurger – TaBar

TaBar is definitely the most valuable gastronomic place on this list. Their TaBurger is on offer tapas and they work like tapas. If you order it during lunch you get two pieces. TaBar’s burger is juicy, made from top quality meat and excellent pastries with an excellent sauce of caramelized onions, ginger and tomatoes. As a side dish, we also got a very good cabbage salad and carrots in butter. TaBar also has the best wine offer of all the bars on the list.

3. Classic Burger – Hoodburger Center

Hoodburger is located next to the only Michelin restaurant in Ljubljana, Atelje, and makes fantastic burgers. Their classic burger is soft and light, yet enough to eat you and keep you full for a good part of the day. The pastries they use at Hoodburger are really great, the beef is light and they ask you how you want it to be baked. Hoodburger should work on choosing soft drinks, but lemonades and iced teas are not bad for them. The decoration has an American influence and is in the fast food format, which means that you have to order at the checkout and come to order yourself. Hoodburger is an example of how fast food can be very high quality and delicious, and the price-quality ratio is more than satisfactory.

4. Sven – Lars & Sven Center

Lars & Sven have been well-known players on the Slovenian burger scene for some time. Under the unquestionable influence of the American ShakeShack, they managed to create a franchise that opened space here in Zagreb. Their business model is also fast food, but based on local and quality ingredients. So every burger has 100% Slovenian meat in it, which Lars & Sven prepares exactly as you want. Of course, we always take medium rare beef and always get it prepared exactly that way. Sven still has caramelized onions, very good bacon and homemade sauce that go well with the burger. The offer of side dishes is more than good, and it seems to us that the twisted potatoes, modeled on Shake Shack’s full hit, are a hit with younger audiences.

5. Krpan – Fany & Mary

Krpan will be a favorite choice of many students in Ljubljana. Regardless, the burger is professionally made, with fine meat that is almost always well prepared and very good bacon. The patch also contains delicious caramelized onions, as well as a pretty good sauce. The rest of the food and beverage offer is average.


Source: https://plavakamenica.hr/ 
Tekst & Photo: Luka Peranić