Burgers & Beer at Pop’s Place

Burger bar centre ljubljana

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with my mastermind group buddy Karlijn. She blogs over at Karlijn’s Kitchen. She actually lives in The Netherlands, and our last two meetings have been over Viber. We met by the wonders of the expat network. We later connected via Instagram. And immediately hit it off during a visit she had in Slovenia last November!

We have A TON in common. Two of the main things we share are our love for blogging and food.
So how does one go about having a successful blogging date? One has to go to the coolest and unique places in the city, duh!

We did it a little bit backwards since we had dessert first at Lolita (but we are grown ups, so who cares?!). And then we decided to check out Pop’s Place, a new burger joint right along the Ljubljanica. Its location is a few meters away from Lolita.

This the ultimate hipster/craft beer/locally source place. We were really excited to check it out!


This is how it went down…

What we ordered
Karlijn ordered a traditional cheese burger, I had a Silverton, and I we shared an order of french fries. Everything from the buns to the sauces is made in-house. And the beef is hand selected from the biggest and best farms from Slovenia. That combined with a great cooked burger, is the perfect combo!

English is spoken, and the menus are also written in English. You don’t actually have to ask for them, they are there next to the Slovenian one. The waiter was friendly, and his craft beer recommendation was on point. You don’t have to wait for a long time to be served either, which is always a bonus!


The big center table! So they do have a bar & multiple tables around. But there is a huge one in the middle where you have to basically sit next to strangers. Though it gives it sort of a communal feel. So if random small talk with strangers while you are eating is not your thing, you might get overwhelmed. But I found it to be kind of refreshing. I mean if you think about it, why do you actually have to sit in separate tables when you come in to a restaurant? But it is okay to do that in a cafeteria? In the end, we are all united in our love for burgers and good food… a I right?! Anyway, it was refreshing to interact a little bit with strangers. Plus, it made it less awkward to ask for a picture. You basically have been watching the other person eat right in front of you the whole time.

Will I recommend it?
I would recommend it if you are looking for a laid back vibe. Pop’s Place will definitely fulfill your comfort food craves. Plus, most of all the beers is crafted locally. And that is another great way to enjoy the true great tastes of Slovenia!


By the way, the both of us are doing a blogpost takeover on Pop’s Place today. So you can read Karlijn’s review here!

Text & photo: Ana Isabel Munguía
Source: https://anaisabelmunguia.com/en/eat-ljubljana-pops-place/