Ledena Bevog Siddharta strežemo ljubljana

At Bevog we love both beer and music. We have collaborated with many different musicians, music festivals, clubs and events. This time we got contacted by rock giants – SIDDHARTA!

We have started the collaboration with the biggest Slovenian band with great pride, honor and responsibility. Siddharta are fans of beer, and so we have started a mission to create a beer, that would be perfect for them and their fans.

When creative minds start working together, you can be sure that something amazing will come up. Siddharta visited our brewery, and together we tasted many different beers, commented them and then created a recipe for an outstanding lager. We chose exclusively Slovenian hops – the legendary Aurora and the modern Styrian Dragon. We used a pale malt from a small, but very high quality maltster in Germany. Our brewers tirelessly worked on perfecting the recipe, testing various combinations and nuances, until we were completely satisfied with the beer. The result is a light golden yellow beer with a beautiful white foam. The flavor and the aroma spoil our senses with a masterfully incorporated fruit notes, that bring life to the beer, without overwhelming it. LEDENA is exactly what we wanted – a true rock and roll beer, that drinks extremely easily, and keeps us cool with it’s laid back 4.5% abv, on even the hottest concerts!

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